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We’ve Got a Constitutional Crisis Here, Folks. Why Do I Feel Like I’m Living In Fahrenheit 451?


I was watching Abu lie his face off on CSPAN3 for most of the morning so I’ve only heard it 3 times on CNN but the fact that there is a link between people who drink soda pop and heart disease seems to be dominating the headlines. Who woulda thunk.

I realize the future of the goddamn country rests on whether Lindsey Lohan is a drunken coke whore or not but the Attorney General of the United States will not answer Chuck Schumer’s question and say who sent him to Ashcroft’s room that fateful night. Simple question. He’s smirking in the face of Senators trying to get at exactly what happened; the little he manages to remember is inconsistent with the things he said before, and he knows there will be no penalty to pay if George Bush has anything to say for it. Scooter’s friends will protect him.

In a discussion of censure vs. impeachment this morning, Kagro X was analyzing the Youngstown case and had this to say:

I take that to be an acknowledgment by Justice Frankfurter that even bullshit claims like Bush’s can become part of the accepted range of presidential powers if they’re exercised — as Bush’s violations certainly have been — with the full knowledge of Congress, and to this point, unquestioned by them.

Many Democrats are so afraid of being accused of “overreach” by Republican bullies that they do not want to take any action that might be considered “drastic.” I was amusing myself by looking through the archives and all the predictions that Feingold was “destroying Democratic hopes” in 2006 when he introduced his censure measure last year. Yeah that happened. But the political risks involved in impeaching the oily and disgraced Abu are certainly much more limited than going after Cheney and Bush, and it allows Congress to begin to draw a line. Any line.


This man is an insult to the constitution. Impeach him. Get him out of there. Whatever it takes.

Sweet tapdancing Jesus, just do something to say “enough” and convince us that we are not looking at the New World Order because nobody wants to get their hands dirty.

And CNN? I liked your debate last night. People who drink a lot of soda tend to be fat and Lindsay Lohan is a subject best left to the pervs at The Corner. It would be nice to hear something about the fate of our country. I realize you can’t take LiLo out of the eye of the camera, but maybe pick a Sheldon Whitehouse clip or two and slug it into soda rotation for the rest of the day?

Just a thought.

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Jane Hamsher

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