Matt Sanchez: “I did those films to feel superior to people like you”

Live Leak member The Legendary Weasel puts republican wingnut/anti-gay former gay porn actor and prostitute Matt Sanchez in his place. As some of you may not know, our favorite gay-hating hooker has been spreading his poison over on media website Live Leak. Recently, Sanchez left Weasel a hateful message, claiming he done the gay porn films “to feel superior to people like you”.

Oh lord.  Just let Matt Sanchez aka Rod Majors continue to bask in the glow of his own delusional fame and grandeur.

And like Sanchez has any room to be calling anyone a sissy.  Have you ever heard the guy talk?

Hat tip to Wilson over at, the premiere exposé on this hooker.

The Legendary Weasel at Live Leak

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