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Impeach Abu Already

gonzo_bush.jpgbmaz, from the comments in the previous post:

Jane, I have not seen the latest discussion by Kagro X you describe, but the snippet you quoted is pretty accurate from everything I learned from a pretty significant curriculum on Con law and governmental law in law school. Frankfurter and Learned Hand are really two of the historical “go to” guys in these areas, and the conclusion that acceptance is effectively ratification and waiver of objection is exactly the right conclusion to draw. You can see it in play as we speak with the residuals of Watergate and Iran/Contra. This is precisely why I have been a raving lunatic for months at TNH about the necessity of initiating an impeachment investigation, even if it is only as to Gonzales to start. Running out the clock in order to protect our majorities, gain some seats and install a Democratic administration does not cut it. That is akin to doing some public service announcements and hoping crime disappears in your community. The facts and extent of harm must be fleshed out in a formal investigation, the public must be allowed to understand the full nature and extent of what has occurred, and those responsible must be held to account. If not, the ugly beast continues to raise it’s ugly head with impunity in the future.

I for one feel my ass quite chapped from sitting so long on dry powder mountain.

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