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Death Threats and Perps

ClubIt’s rather amusing to see my local conservative radio hosts and bloggers like Mitch Berg fulminate on the possible dangers of lefty protesters at the upcoming Republican National Convention in St. Paul next year, when he himself has boasted on the air about his association with known would-be agents provocateur “Protest Warrior”.

It gets less amusing to see somebody like PZ Myers forced to take preventive precautions when an alleged repeat sender of death threats suddenly goes missing along with his wife right in the middle a of police investigation on these death threats.

But Korn’s not dark-skinned or a Muslim, so the media won’t care. Even if he does kill somebody (or more than one somebody) in a Waco-style standoff, the press will bend over backwards to make excuses for him just like they did for child molester and murderer Vernon “David Koresh” Howell.

Think pleasant thoughts for PZ, and let’s hope we have only good reasons to see his name in the news.

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