“My baby”

Beverly Hills Mickey Kaus stands up for borderline psychotic rural YouTuber showing off his “big gun” .

I agree that the Biden response to the gun-toting You-Tuber was revealing–it showed Biden lacks even moderately calibrated snap judgment–and it was revealing in a way that a) wouldn’t have happened with a non-YouTube debate, in which the questioner most likely wouldn’t have gotten past security, let alone the screeners, and b) reflected Biden’s alleged fatal flaw (or one of his several alleged fatal flaws), namely his cringe-making, unhinged spontaneous reactions. (See also: “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do”).

The video:

Yes, I can understand how comfortable Mickey might feel living next door to Jered from Michigan. who appears to be the posterchild for “He Was Kind of Quiet and Stayed To Himself Mostly”.

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