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YouTube Debate: questions about equality

[UPDATE: Just received a note from CNN Internet reporter Jacki Schechner. She’d love for folks to contribute video responses to tonight’s debate, assessing the performance of the candidates — whether they answered the questions, and the substance of the responses. You can submit them at CNN’s ireport – You’ll be able to chat here at the Blend during the debate at our new chat room. Check it out.]

PageOneQ points to videos submitted for the CNN/YouTube presidential debate Monday night.

Below is one from Tar Heel Mitchell Gold, founder of Faith In America, a national non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about the history of religion-based bigotry and how it is being used today to justify discrimination.

He filmed a second submission on child care, which you can see here. Gold, named a Person of the Year by The Advocate, is also well-known as the co-founder and chair of furniture powerhouse Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, based in Hickory, NC.

Hickory is also home to Exodus Missionary Outreach Church. Its pastor, Rev. Reggie Longcrier, submitted a similar YouTube question on marriage equality and faith-based bigotry last week, which I posted about (I’ve rerun it below the fold).

Sen. Edwards has said his opposition to gay marriage has been influenced by his Southern Baptist background. We know religion was once used to justify slavery, segregation and women not being allowed to vote, all of which today are recognized as unconstitutional and socially and morally wrong. So why is it still acceptable to use religion to justify denying gay and lesbian American their full and equal rights.

Faith in America ran a powerful series of print ads last year as part of its attempt to open up a dialogue about the injustice of using religion to justify bigotry against LGBT citizens. Here are a couple of the ads.

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Let’s hope that one of these simple and clear questions will be selected for tomorrow’s debate. Have you found others equality questions that you think are great submissions on the topic? Post links…

Here are a few others that I found…

* Debate question for Barack Obama (on marriage equality, from Henderson, NC)
* Gay Rights/Marriage Issues. Real answers?

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