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Turning on Mr. President at WND

WingNutDaily runs this regular feature called “MR. PRESIDENT! — Your questions for George W. Bush and his spokesmen.” It’s usually a haven for bitching and moanings sessions by the readers about “King Jorge” allowing The Brown MenaceTM to stream across the border unimpeded. I’m not sure if the moderator has been deep-sixing the flood of angry questions/comments on this forum, but the immigration issue seems to have taken a back seat to the war on “Islamofacism.”

Take a look at this winner, who’s ready to drop the nukes…

Kid Gloves
Posted by The Chiefster on Jul 21, 2007 08:59

When are we going to take off the kid gloves in the war against IslamoFascism? Have we become such slaves to Political Correctness, Public Opinion, and just downright wimpishness that we no longer have the courage to fight a war in an all-out fashion by totally annihilating the enemy and wiping them off the face of the earth to win the war? The last time we did that was WWII and this fight is no less important. It’s time we end our concerns for collateral damage. Since the enemy only respects strength, it’s time they see the full strength and fury of the US. We need to unleash every weapon in our arsenal to not only eliminate them but also their breeding grounds and thus end this war once and for all much like we did in WWII. World opinion be damned. They’ll thank us in the end.

More insanity below the fold.These folks give the Freepi a run for the money.

New World Order
Posted by Republic,lover on Jul 21, 2007 08:44

The New Word Order is a rotten goal. What can we do to stop it ?


Fake believer
Posted by kahe on Jul 18, 2007 23:51

Mr. Bush
I would like to know how you could stand and lie to the people in the US about your belief in God. From your action I would be willing to bet you never picked up a Bible in your life, let alone read it. You used God to get elected and so many of us Christians fell for it. Shame on you!


MAD Doctrine
Posted by Edkrane on Jul 18, 2007 23:05

Mr. Bush,
We are told by Homeland Security to prepare for another terrorist attack. If Muslim extremists detonate a nuclear warhead within the United States, will you now publicy state that if such a horror occurs you would retaliate with a nuclear strike upon at least one major Muslim city?


dot connector
Posted by dot connector on Jul 18, 2007 20:20

Mr. President

1. Does your Skull and Bones oath take precedence over your oath to the Constitution?

2. Did you say, ” The Constitution is nothing but a G.D. piece of paper?

3. Did you say that “It would be a lot easier if this were a dictatorship, so long as I’m the dictator?

4. Did you know that Osama Bin Laden is dead?

5. Are the Jesuits your masters?

6. Why did you continue to read a story about a goat to school children after learning that we were under attack on 9/11? How did you know that you were not in imminent danger?

7. Why don’t you just admit that Iraq is a permanent occupation, and that we are building a multi-million dollar embassy in Bagdad?

8. Why don’t you call for an independent investigation of 9/11 to answer the 70 questions that the Jersey Girls asked the 9/11 Commission? These brave women need the truth.

9. Since Dick Cheney says that he is not part of the executive branch, why should he still have executive privilege?


Time to Switch
Posted by Rick12 on Jul 18, 2007 08:19

Mr. President,

My question is simple and two part:
1. When will you announce that you are leaving the Republican Party. Because you are certainly not a conservative
2. When will you begin your campaign to run for President in Mexico? Because it is very apparent you care for the well being of Mexicans more so than Americans. I would imagine you would poll better there than you currently do here.

I am among those that voted for you twice with hope for a future for our country. I can not change the past but I can work to change the future. That includes telling my Republican Congressman and my Republican Senator that I am FOR Impeachment. Its time to go, Please take the courage and resign and save the Republican Party the humiliation. They are more than capable of doing that themselves lately.

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