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YouTube Debate Part II


I’m liking the format of the YouTube debate. Scarecrow’s right:

One thing that seems to be happening is that the video questions, with enforcement from the moderator, are forcing the candidates to answer the question and do less soundbites — or at least when they do, they look like their dodging. Straight talk looks good.

The Edwards video was interesting. I’ve always liked the song so maybe that’s a lot of it. It’s a sad irony that Barry Cowsill died in Hurricaine Katrina (though I believe this is the original cast version).


Big winners of the night:

1) The format (very entertaining)
2) Anderson Cooper — knew how to stay out of the way, best moderator so far
3) The questioners — didn’t have so much invested in cocktail weenie perpetuation that they couldn’t ask difficult questions

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Jane Hamsher

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