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The Poodles Are Ready For More PJ Parties, Senator Reid

tmpphpzutlyj.jpgDick Durbin made an important point with The Beard this morning:

BLITZER: Several Republicans, who are concerned about the war in Iraq, have suggested that you, the Democratic leadership in the Senate, you and Harry Reid, the majority leader, are more interested in political theater than in substantive policy. That’s why you stapled that all-nighter this past week. I want you to listen to what the number two Republican in the Senate, Trent Lott, said.


SEN. TRENT LOTT, R-MISS.: Now, the Senate is spiraling into the ground to a degree that I have never seen before. And I’ve been here a long time. All modicum of courtesy is going out the window.


BLITZER: What do you say to the criticism that you were more interested in scoring political points than in trying to forge some sort of bipartisan, cooperative legislation, finding a middle ground, if you will?

DURBIN: As a result of the work this week, an all-night session, a sleepless night for senators — and I might remind the listeners that our soldiers and their families spend many sleepless nights. But after one sleepless night, we went from two Republicans supporting our position to four. We need 11.

Well after you get done with the belly laughs about Republicans who are “concerned with the war in Iraq” managing to get the words “political theater” out of their mouths without their heads exploding in giant balls of flame, it’s important to remember that things shifted as a result of last week’s sleepless night. The GOP’s fantasy of endless war and permanent majority are evidently not compatible, and we’re entering “every man for himself” territory.

Levin/Reed may have had its political purpose but even if it had passed it was not enough, not by a long shot. The advantage is clearly on the side of the war’s opponents and those willing to press that advantage.

Harry Reid should be thinking about more pajama parties.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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