A reader sent me the full text of this Judy Miller interview of Shimon Peres in Murdoch’s newest plaything. The interview itself is nothing exciting. After all acting a stenographer of other people’s thoughts is what Judy does best, which means her stenography is only ever as interesting as Judy’s source. The most interesting bit, IMO, is where Peres lists global warming as the second greatest threat to Israel after terrorism.

Was he worried about an Iranian atomic bomb, I asked the man who led Israel’s successful, once-secret effort to acquire nuclear weapons?

"Terrorism and the warming of the earth are the two great threats to Israel," he began.

Global warming?

Yes, he insisted, the warming of the "earth’s refrigerator" ranks second only to terrorism in terms of threat. One day, Israeli homes, factories and cars will run on solar energy. "Better to depend on the sun than the Saudis," he said. [my emphasis]

Let’s hope Peres spends some more time with US leaders and shares this insight.

But the most interesting part of the article is that it reported Judy’s new gig, revealing that she is finally a full-fledged recipient of wingnut welfare.

Ms. Miller, a contributing editor to the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, is a writer based in New York.

The Manhattan Institute is dedicated to hawking free market solutions to all our problems. It is funded by wingnut sugar daddy foundations Koch Family Foundations, the John M. OlinFoundation, Inc., the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the ScaifeFoundations, and the Smith Richardson Foundation, and corporate largesse from Bristol-MyersSquibb, Exxon Mobil, Chase Manhattan, Cigna, Sprint, Reliant Energy,Lincoln Financial Group Foundation, and Merill Lynch.

Don’t get me wrong. I certainly assume that Judy has been sucking at the wingnut teat for some time, particularly when she was a speaker for Benador Associates. But now she should, presumably, have to list wingnut welfare as her primary employment. A pity, then, that Chris Matthews doesn’t appear to have listed that affiliation when he called Judy a hero [though I could be wrong–I’m working from the extensive clips I’ve seen, but I haven’t seen the entire appearance]. The oversight is all the more troubling however, since Judy appears to have been hawking one of Manhattan Institute’s pet projects, Policing Terrorism, and the entire Matthews appearance was basically a reiteration of an article Judy had done for a Manhattan Institute publication.

Judy’s finally an explicit recipient of wingnut welfare. Doesn’t Chris Matthews think such affiliations are worth mention?



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