Sunday Five Brothers Blogging: Jenny’s Gonna Barf EditionEven Romney boys go through a “rebellious stage”

Well it’s been another week of thrills, spills, and chills with the Romney boys. First, Tom Brady-lookalike Craig headed down to Miami to speak with some of the locals using their crazy moonman language:

Here are some pictures from a recent trip to Miami. I had live interviews with 3 Spanish-language radio stations. I was able to do the interviews in Spanish thanks to the time I spent living in Chile.

Thus costing Mitt the Malkin vote. I mean, Jesus, those people have been here like fifty years and they still haven’t learned the language? And since they came from a Communist country they’re probably sleeper cell terrorists. Why is no one in Florida keeping their eye on them? Are there no Juan Does?

Moving on, Josh Romney takes his kids where every kid wants to spend their vacation: Disneyland Iowa.

After a great vacation in New Hampshire with the family, Jen and I took the kids to Iowa to visit a few more counties. Unfortunately, they cancelled two flights on us and we ended up spending the Tuesday night in Chicago.


This was Jen’s first official tour in the Mitt Mobile so I wanted to make it as comfortable as possible for her. However, apparently I can’t drive straight because all of my swerving made her car sick.

One thing you have to say about the Romneys, they don’t travel well. If it’s not a setter shitting off the car roof, it’s a wife blowing Postum out the window. My advice in case you find the MittMobile traveling in front of you: stay back 200 feet.

Matt Romney reports from the family compound where an obviously boozed-up Mitt drunkenly”freaks” with Ann while the grandchildren reenact their favorite scenes from Coyote Ugly. Later, after sedating the kids by encouraging them to play ‘tea party” and then providing them with Nyquil, the adults head out for a night on the town

Finally, since we were all together last week, we got a rare opportunity to go out to dinner together… without the kids. (Ben and his wife couldn’t make it).

Please note that Ben the Reluctant Romney is AWOL. Again.

They might have to replace him with JonJon


Maybe not.

Finally, merry pranksters they are:

We have a great history of pulling pranks on each other in the family. This past weekend Ron Kaufman, one of our campaign advisors, and I short-sheeted my parents bed while they were downstairs hosting a barbecue (click here for the definition of short-sheeting if you aren’t familiar). That night I could hear my mom laughing as she was the unlucky one who got into bed first.

The again maybe she was laughing at “Little Willard”.

Today we will be married
And all the freaks that she knows will be there
And all the people from the village will be there
To congratulate us
I will carry her across the threshold
I will make dim the light
I will attempt to spend my love within her
But though I try with all my might
She will laugh at my mighty sword
She will laugh at my mighty sword
Why must everybody laugh at my mighty sword?
Lord, hep me if you will
Maybe we’re both crazy, I don’t know
Maybe that’s why I love her so

A Wedding In Cherokee County

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