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Some Saturday coffeehouse-related chatter…

Today Kate and I met up with a regular reader of the Blend and Pandagon, Sarah in Chicago, who was in town (actually Raleigh) for a conference. Had a great time chatting over pizza/calzones at The Mellow Mushroom on Hillsborough St.

The really amusing thing was that Sarah was sent with marching orders from Chicago by Blender Dan L. (our good-natured “token Republican”), who wanted to make sure she returned with my autograph for him.

Geez, I don’t rate that level of fandom, do I? Certainly my autograph is worth zero on eBay, but I obliged anyway, adding my Jane Hancock to the back of one of my PHB blog business cards. Thanks for the stimulating conversation today, Sarah!


As far as real fame goes, I’m going to the YearlyKos Chicago convention (August 2-5, the schedule is here). That’s where the A-List bloggers, pols and activists with actual autographs of value will be. I will be a small fry there, but I will try to represent the Blender perspective well for coffeehouse regulars. I was only about 6 when I was last in Chicago, so I don’t remember much about the city. I hope to have time to do a bit of sightseeing.

I’m slated to be part of a roundtable on Thursday (“Holding Congress Accountable for a Progressive Agenda,” at 8 AM — that’s pretty much a guarantee of sparse attendance, particularly if they arrived late the night before). Later that day I will be one of the facilitators for a regional caucus (Atlantic South Caucus, VA / WV / NC / MD / DE).

If you can’t make it to YK, you can be there virtually via Second Life. YK was broadcast live on CSPAN last year (I remember catching part of it from a hotel in Winona, Minnesota — I was there for my brother’s wedding), so I suppose it will be televised again this time around.


Have you joined Facebook yet? I’m thoroughy enjoying the social networking site, which is eons better than Myspace, IMHO.

I have a profile, and there’s a PHB Group that you can join (we’re up to 57 members). Also, if you add the Group Chat application, you can chat with members of the PHB Facebook Group.

By the way, as far as our community here at the Blend, we now have 1889 registered users. That’s since November 2006 when I switched over from Blogger to Soapblox, the current platform. That’s amazing. Thank you for joining us here.

Some stats as of today:
Number of total unique visits: 2,761,036 
Average Per Day 4,721 
This Week 33,048
Page Views This Week 67,988


And back to that whole chat thing…

While there’s a chat mode at Facebook, I’m still testing out new chat software/widgets so we can have live discussion at the coffeehouse for say, presidential debates, or if you wish to gab while surfing the Blend.

Click here to test-drive them — your comments are welcome.

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