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Neocons are all imbecilic, aging, wheezing syphilitic pathological creeps, dirty old men that smoke Cuban cigars and go on child sex slave vacations in third world nations while on oxycontin between snorting viagra and having secret affairs with gay sex workers. When they’re not spouting homophobic bullshit or writing breathlessly idiotic, fact free columns in major newspapers, clinking crystal goblets brimming with $38,000 a bottle bourbon with their Skull and Bones / AEI classmates at grand elite socials, getting drunk and shooting people in the face, brazenly granting trillion dollar no-bid contracts to their former companies, raping teenage boys in Texas Prisons, chronically sexually harassing their female employees, reviving discarded Nazi theories, putting on diapers and forking out taxpayers money to hire dominatrices to indulge their banal, insipid, pathetically repressed fantasies – they’re out doing what they do best: ravaging the life savings of millions of people and commiting genocide. All this while being ardently fawned over by the liberal media. These revolting sub-human colostomatic douchebags should all be in GITMO right now receiving DIY sex changes from first  year Cuban medical students, only to spend the rest of their carreers as a travelling drag show touring Central Asian muslim nations. No justice, No Peace!

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