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Come Saturday Morning: He Who Must Not Be Named

hp.jpgGood morning, everyone!  Phoenix Woman here, contemplating a bike ride and also how I’m going to get through the weekend without running into HP spoilers.

Yup — I’m a full-fledged member of the Harry Potter cult.  No, I didn’t stay up last night at the local bookstores waiting for Book Severus — erm, I mean Book Seven — to arrive.  My copy of the book hasn’t arrived from the publishers yet, and I won’t see it until Monday.  But I do have an idea of who lives and who dies.  But I’ll be good and put it all in white font here, for those who would like to hang out without reading my guesses.  Don’t worry — you can go ahead and skip to the bottom and post comments without seeing the naughty could-be spoilers.  Just don’t highlight any of the white space immediately below, okay?  (And please no spoilers in the thread!)

Here goes:

Those who live:  Harry, Ron (and all the other named Weasleys so far), Hermione, Neville, Lupin, Flitwick, McGonagall, Hagrid, Sprout, Dobby — and Snape and Draco.

Those who probably don’t live:  Bunches and bunches. For starters: Voldemort (duh!), Bellatrix, Fenrir, Lucius and Narcissa (yup, Draco gets to see what Harry’s gone through most of his life as an orphan), Fleur (sorry, Bill), Wormtail, Luna (this will really hurt), Tonks (this will hurt, but it’ll hurt Lupin more), Slughorn, Scrimgeour, and, just because, Umbridge.

There!  Now that I’m done spoilering, let’s talk about what a neat weekend it’s going to be.  Gotcher coffee, everyone?

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Phoenix Woman