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The Jurisdiction of DOJ’s Inspector General

This is a follow-up on my post on the loophole in the jurisdiction of DOJ’s Inspector General, which appears to be preventing DOJ’s IG from investigating the role of any lawyer in the USA Purge–which is, after all, just about everyone involved. Here’s how Senator Leahy laid out the problem:

Other Inspectors General can investigate misconduct throughout their agencies.  Apparently, the Department of Justice Inspector General suffers under a limitation that restricts his ability to investigation misconduct by you, the Deputy Attorney General, and other senior Department lawyers.  Will you agree to the removal of this limitation on the Department of Justice Inspector General so that the Inspector General may investigate misconduct by you, other senior Department of Justice officials, lawyers, and law enforcement agents?

DOJ’s Inspector General, Glenn Fine, explained the problem at a recent appearance before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security (I know, shocker, Holy Joe held a hearing! I bet he regrets it now).

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