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The Advocate recently announced that subscribers would be able to choose to receive their issues with or without privacy wrapper.

We asked a group of subscribers in April whether they would be concerned if The Advocate arrived unwrapped — and a number of them said “yes, very concerned.” Their reasons are good ones: personal safety, privacy, and fear of being outed to everyone from the mailman to Mom.

…However, the lion’s share of those polled responded that they were ready to ditch the plastic. Many cited the environmental benefit — currently about 5.5 million plastic wrappers per year are needed to mail “discreet” copies of The Advocate and our sister publication, Out — while others applauded the post-gay visibility.

Q of the day:

Are you comfortable receiving a LGBT publication “unwrapped” where you are?  If you aren’t comfortable with it, share where you’re located (city/state or region) and what you’re most concerned about.

Here in Triangle area of NC, I’m not particularly concerned about it (though in many rural  parts of the state you definitely wouldn’t want to receive it unwrapped). The only issue I can imagine is that it may get held up while folks at the post office thumb through it. Kate and I joke that this is what happens to her Soap Opera Digest from time to time. 

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Pam Spaulding