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Michael Gerson’s Dr. Strangelove Fantasy

Strangelove ScottIn case you’ve been wondering who would play George C. Scott’s role of the mad Air Force General if they ever did a remake of Dr. Strangelove, I think Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson just volunteered.

You see, after chatting with his buddy Tony Snow [and misinterpreting Tony Blair], Gerson figured out that if we just started rounding up the thousands of Iranians who, being next door neighbors and friendly with their fellow Shia in the al-Maliki government, are legally in Iraq, and just started bombing “Syria’s Ho Chi Minh Trail of terrorists” to interdict the North Vietnamese Army Saudis and North Africans invading Iraq, America can finally get its manhood back.

Time to rev up the B-52s on Diego Garcia for some good ole “carpet” bombing. I guess we’ll just write off these people.

The neocons who advise and control the Bush/Cheney White House are completely insane; if that gang isn’t removed from power soon, they’ll have the entire Middle East in flames and get thousands of US soldiers, contractors and aid workers killed.

Publicity photo of George C. Scott, from Dr. Strangelove . . .

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