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If You Could Ask The Presidential Candidates A Question…

abelincoln.jpg…what would it be?  Via The Nation:

At the second annual YearlyKos Convention in Chicago the first week of August, web activists plan to explore new ways to communicate voter concerns to Democratic presidential candidates. The convention’s Presidential Leadership Forum –the first candidate gathering for the netroots –seeks to provide an alternative to mainstream media’s “gotcha” questions and horse-race coverage. Instead, the plan calls for a thoughtful, inclusive discussion that draws its topics and questions from citizens and activists, voters and nonvoters. Forum moderators will be Matt Bai of the New York Times Magazine and Joan McCarter of Daily Kos; blogger and NYU professor Jeffrey Feldman will ask questions submitted by the public. Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd have all confirmed that they will participate in the two-hour discussion, which will be followed by separate, unstructured meetings with activists attending the convention. The process is designed to spark a thoughtful national discussion that results in a more reflective, substantive and participatory candidate forum.

You can begin the conversation now by suggesting questions, issues, ideas and criticism via this short web form. Bloggers writing original entries are asked to use the tag YKForum07. People interested in launching viral campaigns may float their issues to the top of the forum agenda by posting on blogs or encouraging friends on social networking sites to submit similar questions or topics.

We are serving on an all-volunteer advisory committee of bloggers, grassroots activists and a few former presidential candidates. Members of the committee are now reaching out to voters and activists to discuss ideas and issues that the forum should consider.

As a member of that advisory committee, I am reaching out to all of you:  if you could ask the presidential candidates a question, what would it be? 

It is tough framing a succinct, meaningful question that doesn’t leave wiggle room for spin or a pat soundbite answer, but invites a thoughtful, considered response.  I encourage you to add your questions to the mix — not just in the comments, but on the questions page for the YKos forum as well.  This is an extraordinary opportunity to interact with national leaders and shape the discussion on policy and perception, so I encourage you to really think about what it is that you wants answers to for the coming political campaign — for the good of us all for both the short and long term. 

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with…because I know you have a lot of questions worth asking.

PS:  I am tentatively scheduled to do Sam Seder’s Show on Sunday at 5 pm ET/2 PM PT with Atrios and Digby.  Yes, that did feel like a tremor in the force…or was it just punaise

(Photo via Vanessa Roanhorse.)

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