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Hey, Jet Blue…

jetblue-landing-gear-incident-4.jpgThanks to the efforts Falafel Bill and the toenail clippings of the Mighty Wurlitzer (aka Michelle Malkin), JetBlue has caved like a Pinto in a rear-end collision.


The goal of the Fox News attack is not to get Jet Blue to drop its sponsorship, it’s to teach other companies a lesson.  John Aravosis pointed out that Jetblue is not a particularly liberal company; their CEO is a Mitt Romney donor.  But that doesn’t really matter, the capital freeze is on.  After all, does any company really want to incur the wrath of Fox News when they don’t have to?


Anyone who tries to claim this is a “hate” gathering is saying, essentially, that the entire Democratic Party is a “hate” party. And sure, there are plenty of rabid crazies on the other side that would make such a claim, but no reasonable person will think that.


So what did jetBlue do in response? Did they say “hey, what do you mean we’re catering to the left, we’ve been showing FOX News on our flights forever?” Did they say “would you like our CEO to stop donating to right-wing politicians in order to show that he doesn’t take sides in politics?” Did they say “if we pull our sponsorship of YearlyKos should we then pull our sponsorship of FOX News shows too?

No, jetBlue responded by pulling their logo from the YearlyKos Web site sponsor list, sending the clear to signal to every company in America that you, we, are pariahs that no company should dare touch. That we are, in fact, just as O’Reilly and Malkin have claimed, akin to murderers and assassins.

Oh, but jetBlue would like you to know, sotto voce, that they still REALLY like you, they just have to pretend in public that you’re a diseased pariah while funding the presidential candidacy of a gay-bashing, far-right religious nutjob. As a gay man it reminds me of the way Republicans treat gays or Jews or Muslims or any other minority – bash us in public, but privately tell us they really like us, really they do. You see, some of jetBlue’s best friends are black… I mean bloggers.

John Amato:

A big problem is that JetBlue and others really don’t understand the new dynamic that is playing out in the world of media. O’Reilly is part of the dying, prehistoric breed of old media ( and propagandists) and we are the the new —up and coming—vital marketshare.  We’re more likely to put our purchasing dollars in companies that reflect our values and participate in boycotts of those that don’t.

I have two words.

Home Depot.

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