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Edelman Says: “Congressional Oversight Emboldens Our Enemies”

Okay, Hillary didn’t adopt my recommended response to Eric Edelman’s insubordination. Well, she kind of does, insofar as she notes that Edelman is alone in spouting Cheneyisms:

Other members of this Administration have not engaged in politicalattacks when the prospect of withdrawal planning has been raised.

And she demands that Gates choose whether he supports Edelman’s insubordination.

I request that you describe whether Under Secretary Edelman’s letteraccurately characterizes your views as Secretary of Defense.

This is a particularly shrewd move, I think, because it forces Gates to disavow the Cheneyist wing–or face confrontation with Congress. Would that we had done this with Colin Powell, to make him disown John Bolton’s Cheneyesque rantings. It might have undercut Cheney’s strategy of having a plant in every agency to ensure his will is done. Let’s hope the strategy works in this case…

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