It’s hard out here for a virgin

Courtesy of Wonkette, our favorite pre-owned virgin Dawn Eden, has been spotted in public:

I’m not sure if she qualifies for a mention here but I know they love her over at Gawker — Dawn Eden, everyone’s favorite bornagain virgin and fired NY Post writer, having recently moved from NY to DC to become the director of the “Love and Responsibility Program” at the Cardinal Newman Society (this info courtesy of her blog) (I guess the book sales from “The Thrill of the Chaste” started to peter out and who else but the Catholics will pay you NOT to have sex?). Anyway I saw her looking short and somewhat dumpy on K street between 15th and 16th, ostensibly about to cross the street to go to that huge scary Catholic “bookstore” I’ve never seen anyone go into. She needs some new highlights. Welcome to DC Dawn; it’s way harder to find a good hairstylist than a virgin round these parts.

Catty as that may be, she should be happy to be recognized at all…

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