P is for purchased

Thanks to everyone who left suggestions in the Apple comments below which gave us a sufficient amount of information allowing us to spend enough money to make Steve Jobs feel a little bit better about super-sizing his lunch this afternoon. To lump it all together: the black MacBook with 2G’s of RAM, MS Office student edition, extended warranty, wireless mouse, and yet another iPod (which was essentially free) bringing our iPod family to 2 iPods, 2 Nanos, 1 Mini, and two shuffles.

The generous and bestwifeintheworldevah mrs tbogg offered to buy me the 24″ iMac while we were there.

Talk about a sudden rush of blood to the groin.

I resisted because I’m not some cheap computer slut who is willing to put out for any sexy piece of electronic gadgetry no matter how cool it is or how many people I would probably be willing to kill in order to get it…

I need to be romanced first.

I’m old fashioned that way.

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