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Novakula speaks the truth about the GOP

In the no surprise department: on Meet the Press, Robert Novak confirms that the GOP would love for Obama or Clinton to be the nominee of the Dems, because the party is ready to pull out the lowest-common denominator prejudice playbook::

“Republicans are very pessimistic about 2008. When you talk to them off the record, they don’t see how they can win this thing. And then they think for a minute, and only the Democratic Party, with everything in their favor, would say that, ‘OK, this is the year either to have a woman or an African-American to break precedent, to do things the country has never done before.’ And it gives the Republicans hope.”


But notice that Novak’s observation that a woman or African American candidate would weaken the Democrats’ chances of winning the White House is completely unqualified, because Novak believes the statement needs no explanation. All conservatives would have to do, Novak assumes, is run on one of their three major policy platforms: Racism, Sexism, or Homophobia.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding