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DFH’s: Welcome To The Neighborhood, Chris…

neighbors1.jpgUh…Chris. Newsflash: people of all ages, income levels, and social registry access have something in common. Be it grandmas or grandpas, old veterans or recent ones, mothers or daughters, husbands, wives, or fiances (as the case may be), liberal, conservative and everywhere in between, they are all supremely disgusted. They are all tired of other people’s children paying the price for George Bush’s failures. As Digby says:

David Shuster was on Hardball earlier interviewing some of the Move-On folks who are coming out to the capitol to protest Republican obstructionism and support Harry Reid’s all nighter. And what was the first thing out of Chris Matthews’ mouth?

Well it’s certainly a wholesome looking crowd for an anti-war bunch.

Apparently he was expecting to see some long haired college kids burning bras and taking over the ROTC building, which isn’t a huge surprise. It’s just the Washington establishment’s irrational fear of hippies rearing it’s anachronistic head again….

Being ticked off at the myriad failures of the Bush Administration isn’t new, and it isn’t a minority of folks in America — it is the majority of Americans who feel this way. And it is spreading, Chris, to the wholesome, the well-heeled, and the well-connected, and to the not so wholesome, the not well off, and the not connected at all — you know, the people who used to be the most likely to enlist in our nation’s voluntary military or work as public servants before George Bush took office.

Those people you see on your monitors from the Capitol protesting the continued risk to life and limb of other people’s children to satisfy George Bush’s ego and his legacy? They could very well be your neighbors.

Get used to it, Chris. Because we are just getting started. We are not backing down. And we aren’t allowing you or anyone else to make excuses for the Bush Administration any longer. The time for accountability is now. Whether or not you and your pundit pals plan on ever holding the Bush Administration accountable for their failures — we will. For as long as it takes…we will.

(Photo of a patriotic American via MatthewBradley.)

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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