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(It’s the Oscar winning song from Three 6 Mafia from the movie Hustle and Flow.  Why do you ask?)

Digby connects some dots on a slimy Republican oppo trail that lead right back to Fred Thompson’s crew.

It is a testament to the absolute desperation of the Christian Right that they are forced to settle on Hollywood Fred. Romney is a flip-flopper extraordinaire, but he could be counted on to do the fundamentalists bidding down the line. He’s about taking care of business and he’d feed the freaks whatever they needed, at least as much as Junior or Reagan ever did. But they can’t get him past the Morman haters. So, 60ish Hollywood Fred with the trophy wife and the two new babies it is. (Hey, maybe that’s progress.)

Thompson and Romney can bloody each other up all they want as far as I’m concerned. But I am just a little bit concerned that the Associated Press is doing Hollywood Fred’s dirty work for him. The Democrats are sure to be the real victims of this as soon as all the wingnut oppo-assassins decide on a candidate and aim their fire our way. It would be really refreshing if the mainstream press stopped laundering their smears for them just as a change of pace if nothing else, but it looks like they are going to be with them all the way. Indeed, they’re stoking their “relationships” early.

Digby pulls all of this from information gleaned from Pastor Dan and Max Blumenthal — interesting stuff. And it triggered a memory for me.

Ah, yes, it’s our gal pal Birkin Bag Babs and her partner-in-slime and erstwhile Rovian mouthpiece, Mark Corallo. To wit (via an older Cillizza Fix):

Barbara Comstock, a member of Romney’s Inner Circle, shepherded the governor around Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner and is intimately involved in Romney’s preparation for next week’s Republican debate in California, according to informed sources in Romney’s world. Comstock will also be on the ground in California for last-minute debate prep as well as post-debate spin/analysis.

Speculation of a Comstock departure likely grew from the close relationship she enjoys with Thompson’s wife, Jeri. Comstock is also partner in a crisis-consulting firm with Mark Corallo, who is advising Thompson as he considers entering the race.

As I said at the time that Cilizza’s column ran, this certainly raises some interesting questions about conflicts of interest between Comstock and Corallo as partners-in-slime, and the cozy potential for oppo-info-sharing or sloppy seconds shop talk that both Romney and Thompson ought to be raising.

I wouldn’t let either Comstock or Corallo near anything that isn’t already nailed down, fellas, because you never know when something might be useful down the road. And I don’t mean useful to you, personally, either. There are a lot of other GOP wanna-be contenders out there, with campaign cash chum just swirling in the bait waters. You never for sure know who will or will not be on your staff next month, now do you?

You never know when the infopimps of the GOP smarm set will switch allegiances. Or, worse for a candidate, when they already have but haven’t bothered to tell you just yet because their current position is more advantageous. Then again, you climb in the gutter, you can’t expect to come out smelling like attar of roses, now can you?

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