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What Fitzgerald Didn’t Know Yet

In an effort to make these affidavits available as soon as possible so the wingnuts can start admitting they were wrong about Fitzgerald being a runaway prosecutor, I thought I’d catalog some of the things Fitzgerald didn’t appear to know by August 27, 2004 and September 27, 2004.

As of August 2004, Fitzgerald did not yet know that:

  • Rove may have talked to Novak on July 8, not July 9
  • There was a second phone call between Libby and Judy on July 12 (Fitzgerald notes just one phone call, a 3 minute phone call at 4:03 pm)
  • The source of the information in Novak’s column that Plame worked in CPD
  • The source of Plame’s name in Novak’s column
  • Pincus’ source (he considered Ari, Libby, and two other people likely candidates–note the discussion on page 21 of a Senior Administration Official calling from Africa to Pincus on July 9)
  • Whether Chris Matthews’ or Rove’s account of their "Wilson’s wife is fair game" conversation was correct (note Fitzgerald calls that conversation a "heated exchange" on page 32)
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