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Another Dangerous Parent

Dayton Daily News: Police find 7-month-old left in center of the road – A 29-year-old woman tells police the baby was Satan’s child.

By Eric Robinette
Staff Writer
Sunday, July 15, 2007


Officers responded to the scene and found the woman naked and with blood on her body, but without the baby. The woman did not respond to officers, except to say she had taken the baby to Satan and it was Satan’s child.
The woman was identified as Shaunte R. Mitchell, 29, of 910 N. Broadway, Apt. 3, Lebanon. She was taken to Bethesda Medical Center at Arrow Springs for medical and psychological evaluation.

A second Lebanon police officer soon found the 7-week-old infant laying on his back in the middle of Miller Road, placed across the double yellow center line, about a mile from where the woman was found.

The infant was taken to the Lebanon Division of Fire facility on West Silver Street, and Warren County Children Services took custody of the child, who was unharmed, said Lebanon dispatcher Becky Hughes.

Police said charges are being prepared against Mitchell. The charges are for child endangerment, disorderly conduct and aggravated arson. The arson charge stems from an investigation at Mitchell’s residence, where accelerants were found, although there was no indication the apartment had actually burned, Hughes said.

Police are continuing to investigate the case.

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