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(Jane is going to be on Peter Laufer’s show on KPFA discussing Andrew Keen and his “cult of the amateur” argument at 10am PT/1pm ET.  You can listen live here.) 

A few things that are worth your time today.

This Bill Moyers special on impeachment and the factual basis therefor — a great discussion about the ins and outs of the political and legal considerations with Moyers, Bruce Fein and John Nichols. The entire discussion is available for streaming here.

C&L links up the latest John Dean discussion on the WH attempt to expand the unilateral executive power structure. Makes for a very interesting read in the context of the above Moyers show, let me tell you.

Bob Geiger has put together the list of Democratic Senators who have — and have not — signed on to sponsor the habeas restoration amendment. This is going up for a vote next week. We’ll be doing a push on this starting tomorrow, so please take a peek at the list and see where your Senators are (or are not) and get ready to rev up your phones tomorrow morning.

Digby has lost the thread. Or so she says — after reading her piece of dissection, I’m thinking she has a much better handle on things than a whole helluva lot of people who hit the talking heads circuit on a regular basis.

— Oh, that Henry Waxman is writing letters to Fred Fielding again. This time he got Tom Davis to sign on…

Wes Clark on the bubble wall around George Bush. And all by its lonesome, this delusional trip down Wishful Thinking Rose-Colored Glasses Lane proves Clark’s point. Who needs facts when you can just make crap up on the backs of other people’s children? (Do read this link, but be forewarned that it will break your heart.)

…For some, the Army’s efforts have come too late. Penny Preszler, 46, a furniture refurbisher in Phoenix, said she had stopped wearing red on Fridays as she had done for the past year to honor the war effort. “It was when my son started saying he wished he could be injured so he could come home,” Ms. Preszler said.

“There was no pride left in his voice, just this robotic sense of despair,” she said, describing a telephone conversation with her son, Skyler, 24, an infantryman on his second tour of duty in Iraq. “Mom, we killed women on the street today. We killed kids on bikes. We had no choice,” she recounted his saying.

The same week, she said, her son told her he thought he had seen the worst when he had to pick up the body parts of his dead buddy, but then he saw an Iraqi boy picking up what was left of his dead father.

(H/T to Scarecrow for the link.) Of all of the failures for which George Bush has to answer, this is the worst of them. And it is being done in all of our names. While we’re visiting failures of leadership, perhaps the deluded Mr. Kristol and his neoconman pals would like to explain why all the public rhetoric is directed at the Syrians and the Iranians, but the bulk of the outside attacks in Iraq appear to be coming from our very dear friends, the Saudis? Hmmmm?

— It is no wonder Sen. Jim Webb kicked some serious Sen. Hayseed ass today. Crooks and Liars has the video.

Jamison Foser on the media echo machine’s fixation on the obscure, irrelevent and gossipy. (via Atrios)

— Why I blog, reason # 127 (via Political Wire).

What’s catching your eye in the news and on the blogs today?

(Photo of The Bridewell, Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK, via Leo Reynolds.)

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