Sunday Five Brothers Blogging – It’s a Shit Shit Shit Shit World Edition
Bringing you to a state of freakstasy

Well let’s see….Ben the Reluctant Romney points out that he hasn’t blogged much by writing:

I haven’t blogged in a while but I wanted to point out my Dad’s op-ed at Townhall today, entitled “The Four Walls Of The American Home.”

Ben then provides a link to his dad’s heliumfest (noted below), provides a few quotes from same…and that’s about it.

I don’t think Ben’s heart is really in this campaign. I think it’s because he’s an albino.

Then brother Matt points out how little it takes to get the national media to lay off:

Last night we invited a few members of the local and national press corps over to my dad’s place in NH for a BBQ. It was a chance for my dad’s family, including kids and grandkids, to get to know some press in a different, more relaxed setting. As such, the event was billed as “off-the-record.”

All I can tell you is Captain Tagg took a few boatloads of people on some tours around the lake while the rest of us filled up on chips, guacamole, hot dogs, ice cream, etc. Everybody was well behaved until Craig started pitching some wiffle ball. Pretty soon lots of people got into the action. Needless to say, there were a lot of grass stains on the way out.

As you may remember, Craig (seen below, on the far left) is the Tom Brady of the family.

Often asked for autographs…

Then Tagg gets all serious and dark and morbid and sad and stuff and foreshadows his dad’s “Four Walls of America” theme of the week:

I was on the road last night and decided to check FoxNews.com before heading off to bed. Like most people, I have become somewhat desensitized to all the bad stuff going on around us. But I was shocked by the three headlines tonight, “Iraqi Doctor Charged in Foiled Britain Bomb Plots,” “10 Teenagers arrested in Brutal Rape,” and “Pedophile Priest Slay Video Surfaces on Web.” What is our world coming to? How does a doctor become willing to slaughter hundreds of innocent people in the name of their “religion”? Where were the parents of the 10 teenagers? What led them to do something so violent and twisted to a young mother and her 12-year-old son?

As a parent of three children, I am alarmed and worried by what our society is becoming. How can my children be safe when our culture bombards them and their peers with so much filth, violence, and hatred?

I recognize that government can’t solve all our problems. Most of these issues need to be dealt with (and conquered) within the four walls of our homes. But why is it that, with so many great challenges confronting our nation, Washington seems to be focused not on solving our problems but instead on attempting to build themselves up through petty, personal attacks on political opponents?

Enough is enough. It’s time for a change in Washington. Now is the time for us to come together as a nation, to develop creative, non-partisan solutions to our greatest problems. Now is the time for us to unite and build a stronger America. I am optimistic that we can do it. I am optimistic that my Dad’s vision can be achieved, a vision of a stronger America through a stronger military, a stronger economy, and stronger families. I don’t care how much presidential candidates paid for their hair cuts, whether they wear boxers or briefs, or how many movie stars like them. I care about what kind of leader they will be, what types of policies they will put in place, how they will handle a crisis, and how they will help strengthen our nation in this uncertain future.

And Mitt is just the man for the job because, if he can clean up Famous Seamus the Shitting Setter, he has just the kind of “emotion-free crisis management” skills that this shitty world needs.

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