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Late Nite FDL: Hello, Goodbye


For a while now, I’ve been doing Saturday Late Nite posts, but after tonight, I’m delighted to announce that our good friend Thersites will be taking over the Saturday Late Nite slot. I expect this slot to be far more entertaining than I have been able to make it, now that it will be in such capable new hands!

Now, don’t misunderstand: I’m not leaving FDL, and I’m not going to stop writing. I will still pinch hit as needed or whine at Jane to give me a weekday slot when I get a wild hair urging me to post about a specific topic. But I won’t have any set place in the weekly rotation anymore.

That’s a good thing. No doubt, some of you are relieved! But for those of you who actually like my work, I can only say that my evolving, changing role at Firedoglake is good news all around.

Of late, I’ve been focusing more on the back end, behind the scenes strategic infrastructure development that will make this site sustainable and successful over the long haul. Jane and I both have been working closely on that, and it’s an area where I feel as if my professional and life experiences prepare me fairly well to make a good contribution. We all want to be sure FDL is here a year from now and even five years from now to continue to promote change in our country, and that’s where I’m going to be able to concentrate, more and more.

As I say, I won’t stop writing about immigration, corrupt Republicans, sold out Democrats or whatever the hell gets my juices flowing as the months continue to pass. But our readers – all of you – have given so much of your time, passion and energy to make this place work for so long, I feel the need to focus myself to be sure we can keep it here for you over the long haul.

Expect exciting new things to come from this, as Jane and I spend literally hours each week working together to create new things for FDL for the long haul, helping to reward and keep the great talent we have contributing to this operation now, and attracting or developing even more outstanding talent for the (progressive!) future.

Anyway, let’s take a little time to chat about where FDL fits in our lives, what it mean to us, and what have been our favorite posts. Has anything you read here risen to such importance as to have made a landmark impression on your life? I know this place has change my life immeasurably.

Let’s kick this around in the comments tonight. Don’t forget to give Thersites a big FDL welcome, in case he pops in, too!


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