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Holsinger loses The Peter's support

Prior to the confirmation hearing for Surgeon General nominee Dr. James Holsinger, Peter LaBarbera has posted passionate supportive posts about him because of Holsinger’s anti-gay paper, “Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality” (PDF), a study in detail of the dangers of “anal eroticism,” something The Peter spends a lot of time researching at Americans for Truth Against Homosexuality:

The pro-homosexuality Left is working hard to take down another good Christian man — this time it’s Dr. James Holsinger, President Bush’s nominee for U.S. Surgeon General.

…Dr. James Holsinger is a Bible-believing Christian who knows that homosexuals — like all sinners — can leave their errant ways behind through the power of Jesus Christ.

Well, after the nominee didn’t defend his paper when questioned during his testimony, Peter lost his cookies and has put up “Americans For Truth Ends Support for Dr. Holsinger: “Nation’s Top Doctor Must Tell the Truth about Homosexual Health Risks‘.”

We live in a cowardly and confused age, so perhaps it was too much to expect that Dr. James Holsinger, President Bush’s nominee for U.S. Surgeon General, would defend his own writings outlining the immense health risks of (male) homosexual behavior.

Unfortunately, on Thursday at his Senate confirmation hearing, Dr. Holsinger succumbed to the Bush Administration’s spin-doctors, Sen. Ted Kennedy’s bluster — and, evidently, his own lack of conviction — and said not one word in defense of his 1991 paper, “Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality,” which was written to shore up the faithful against forces in the Methodist Church seeking to undermine the church’s historic Biblical teachings on sexual sin.

He’s not even sure how to direct his anger — Holsinger, Holsinger’s “handlers,” homosexual activists, and junk science debunker and friend of the Blend Jim Burroway are responsible for it all going so terribly wrong.

It seems that between 1991 and 2007, Dr. Holsinger went from defending truth to evading it, with some help in recent weeks from Bush Administration bureaucrats. (From the moment his nomination became national news, Holsinger’s White House handlers were pushing the idea that he’d moved on from his 1991 views: in the words of Health & Human Services spokeswoman Holly Babin, “Over the last 20 years, a clearer understanding of these issues has been achieved.”)

Meanwhile, homosexual activists threw everything but the kitchen sink at the doctor’s 1991 paper, but the nub of their opposition came down not to medical points — after all, the “gay” movement has made HIV/AIDS the most politically protected disease in American history — but to variations on this argument from homosexual activist Jim Burroway, critiquing the 1991 paper:

“Holsinger made the fatal error of ignoring the bonds of affection and devotion that arise in gay and lesbian couples. He reduced the rich complexity of their relationships to pipe fittings and how they interlock with each other.

In other words, Dr. Holsinger’s “fatal error” 16 years ago was that he agreed with God, not “gays,” about homosexual behavior. (Memo to God: consult with Jim Burroway ASAP re: your condemnation of same-sex practice; study up on the “rich complexity” of modern homosexuality and re-write your moral law and the Bible accordingly.)

Hat tip, Eva.

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