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An Argentine Bank’s Take On Service And Equality

(Special thanks to Curtis of OII for passing this along, and for the following translation and explanation … )

The dialogue goes like this:

“Hello, Mr. Louis.”

“Hi…I have a question. When you applied to get the loan to open this beauty salon, did you have to show an ID?”

“…yeah…. “

“And on your ID, it says that you’re really a male, doesn’t it?”


“And they still gave you the loan?”


“Well…they are the same bank that just gave me a loan to save my farm. and…it just made me think, you know? and I came here…to apologize for treating you poorly all these years. for not knowing how to treat you.”

The old farmer gives the transgender woman a little wooden carving that he made of a ballerina, and says he’s sorry, and goes back to his car.

The wife waves from the car; the beauty shop owner clutches her ballerina, and the car drives off.

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