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Needs More Flair.

YouTube of Sara Taylor being schooled on her oath to the Constitution by Sen. Pat Leahy via TPM Muckraker.

This summary of the Sara Taylor testimony from Kung Fu Monkey is spot on:

The bit I like is the little “mm-hmm” you hear her give near the end. The “I’m already not listening to you” sound one has heard a million times from a pissy co-worker. This woman’s just been caught out admitting she doesn’t understand her oath of office to the people of the United States and that she’s misplaced her priorities in a cult of politicized hero-worship …and she’s treating it like Myra from HR is harassing her about the damn TPS forms again.

So here’s a question. Is this Daddy love “politics above all” process specifically linked to the Bush Administration, or has it gotten into the center of the Republican Party Establishment?

The Sara Taylor flippant dismissal of her Constitutional obligations as being not worth her time to contemplate, and her disrespectful attitude toward Sen. Leahy throughout the entire hearing, really ices it for me — and makes me all the more disgusted with the way things have been going in terms of Democratic response to this craptastic behavior.  As Digby says:

Right now, for example, we have the Republicans filibustering everything in sight and calling the Democrats a do-nothing congress. We have the president spending twelve billion dollars a month on a war the country hates and saying the Democrats are overspending. And oversight is being met with incoherence that better resembles a three stooges routine than cooperation. They are not behaving as normal politicians behave, they are behaving like reckless, emotionally deranged teen-agers daring someone to stop them. And like the nice, nurturing parents they are, the Democrats try to be reasonable and “talk” while the miscreant kids steal the money out of their wallet and take the family car — screaming “suckers” as they peel out of the driveway.

They aren’t playing by any rules and neither the press nor the public seems to quite understand that. The Dems are trying to position themselves for the next election, which is what the system anticipates, but their hapless act in the face of this anarchistic GOP response is not going to get them there.

The Democrats are going to have to come up with something beyond just adding a few more piece of flair to their work clothes, and no one is handing anyone back their stapler without a fight.

So, I thought it might be worth a little Friday time to brainstorm a bit on what we can do to shift the ground a bit — mainly because I simply cannot stand sitting by and watching without trying to find a way to help.  If you have an idea that you’ve been dying to share on some campaign we can all work on together, let me know.  I’ve been trying to come up with something along the lines of our prior “Crashing the Gates” and “Rubber Stamp Republicans” work, and haven’t hit on the right maneuver just yet.  So many of our great action plans come from our readers — please share your ideas in the comments below and maybe we can come up with something constructive and useful — but also maybe a little fun — that can help move the national discussion forward.  Can’t wait to read your ideas!

It’s Friday, and I’ve got a treat for you:  this Nick Anderson animation is fantastic.  Please, go and watch it — you’ll be awfully glad you did.  (H/T to Bob Geiger for the link.)

(If you haven’t seen Office Space, you really should…)

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