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Moral rot: 'sodomy pushers' versus the Bush admin

The bible beating bigots went to Capitol Hill and held a press conference protesting the hate crimes bill that was worthy of SNL’s The Church Lady. They continue to lie that adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the existing law will threaten their religious freedom. Behold the priorities and logic of this “Christian” activist — add “sodomy pushers” to your queer dictionary. 

Dr. Johnny Hunter of Life Education and Resource Network was among the several Christian activists who spoke at Wednesday’s rally protesting S.B. 1105. Hunter contends crime by its nature is an act of hate.

The hate crimes legislation being proposed by rabid sodomy-pushers is downright hatred,” said Hunter, adding that he believes the move behind the bill is a “scheme” devised by “hetero-phobic” people.

“They insist that the government police the thoughts of those who have a natural attraction to the opposite sex,” he offered as explanation of his assertion. “It’s as if they despise and hate heterosexual couples.” And the controversy, he insisted, is not about what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms. “It’s about what others disapprove — and when someone is doing the unmentionable in their bedroom, flaunting it publicly, and then punishing those who speak out against it.

Offering an analogy, Hunter said “just because a bank robber counts the money in the privacy of his bedroom does not legitimize the robbery.”

Blender John T found another unhinged bleating, this from a Texas pastor at the event.

Pastor Rusty Lee Thomas of Elijah Ministries warns a dangerous trend has “corrupted” American culture and seeks to “criminalize and remove the freedoms of Bible-believing Christians.” He joined representatives from a handful of Christian ministries who rallied at the Capitol against S.B. 1105, which would include crimes against homosexuals in federal hate crimes statutes.

…Thomas is convinced that America is struggling from what he calls “the moral rot from within” and is “in danger of the threat of terror from without.” The Texas pastor asserts that America is denying the obvious link between the two.

Yes, I dare state that there is a direct connection between the sins and crimes of abortion and the sodomite agenda and the Islamic terrorism that threatens our nation,” Thomas shared. “America is refusing to connect the dots, however, and we are living in a major state of denial — and may I tell you, it is not good to live in this wretched state.”


I think the real struggle we face when it comes to moral rot in this country is dealing with the fact that we have to wait until January 2009 for all the morally and ethically depraved criminals in the Bush Administration, who have left us more vulnerable to terrorism, finally get out of the White House. That place needs to be fumigated after their departure. The people who elected Dear Leader — fundies like the above surely cast their votes for him based on “values” — are blind when it comes to the litany of lies and obfuscation perpetrated by the Bush administration.

Talk about a wretched state…

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