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The Homosexual Agenda's infiltration of the Knights of Columbus

Muwahahahahahahaha… [insert scary music here]

Knights embarassed by members who voted against Mass. marriage amendment.

The Knights of Columbus was disappointed to learn that 16 of its members, who hold political office in the Massachusetts Legislature, voted against the same-sex marriage amendment in June.

The June 14 vote, which decided whether same-sex marriage would be put on the 2008 ballot, got only 45 votes — five votes shy of the 50-vote requirement.

It is certainly embarrassing to the order and to every Knight out there who is firm in his support of traditional marriage and the right to life,” Pat Korten, vice-president for communications for the Knights, told

…Korten says the Knights can only employ fraternal correction and prayer in this case…It is up to the diocese or the Church hierarchy to decide whether these lawmakers are no longer Catholic, Korten told “We as laymen do not presume to decide whether other laymen are Catholics or not,” he said.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding