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HJC Miers Hearing, Part II

mierscheer_0.jpgFrom the HJC:

Rep. Watts Cont’d:  Miers not showing up for hearing today is the last straw.  During the impeachment proceedings, decided to apply the same standards to Dems and Republicans alike, because we have a Constitutional responsibility to do so.  The President has abused his presumptive privilege for executive discussions — his privilege does not extend nearly as far as he says it extends.  Wat goes on to discuss all of the disrepect of the rule of law issues of the Bush Administration.  I cannot accept the standards that prevailed the last six years of oversight — we have a responsibility to provide oversight, and the President is sticking his thumb in the eye of Congress.

Cannon now saying that the remarks are unparliamentary.  Watt yields back balance of time — American public knows that we are dealing with an imperial President who feels that he is above the law.  Cannon again says that these are unparliamentary words and that Watt has gone beyond the rules of decorum for the House — personal criticism is out of order. 

Sanchez says she rules that the words were harsh but not unparliamentary, and that Cannon’s objections will be noted for the record.  Cannon wants to appeal ruling of chair, recorded vote requested even though Cannon knows he doesn’t have the votes.   Motion to overrule chair is tabled by vote.  Cannon now entering more docs into the record.

Quorum being present, motion to sustain chair’s ruling on Miers.  Voice vote — ayes have it.  Cannon requests recorded vote.    7 ayes, 5 nays.  Majority votes for the chair’s motion.  Record will remain open for 5 days. 

Now moving on to subpoena for RNC chair and docs requested.  RNC has refused to turn over docs, because they claim to be covered by executive privilege, too, even though they are wholly outside the WH. 

Shorter Cannon:  we shouldn’t bother the RNC with this sort of petty meanness — if they want to obstruct our investigations, we should just let them. 

Motion for subpoena to RNC: ayes have it for the subpoena issuance — resolution is adopted.

Subcommittee is adjourned.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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