Saw this article on my local news website this morning.  Essentially the APA will be reviewing it’s 10 year old policy on the psychological treatment of gays and lesbians.  The article states that GLBT activists hope the outcome will include an explicit denunication of “reparative therapy” (quotation marks mine), something the old policy did not do.

Naturally the usual suspects are quoted objecting to the makeup of the task force, screeching that it’s stacked against those with religious views.  A few choice highlights:

“We’re concerned,” said Carrie Gordon Earll of Focus on the Family. “The APA does not have a good track record of listening to other views.”

Right, because Focus of the Family does have such a good track record of “listening to other views.”

Some input from one of our favorite “reparative therapy” gurus, Warren Throckmorton:

“We work with clients to pursue their chosen values,” he said. “If they are core, unwavering commitments to their religious belief, therapists should not try to persuade them differently under the guise of science.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but that quote pretty much sums up everything wrong with the fundie side of the argument.  The language screams the problem: “chosen beliefs” and “guise of science”.  They think “chosen beliefs” outweigh science, as we see time and time again on postings here at the Blend.  See, e.g., George W. Bush’s administration’s treatment of former Surgeon General Carmona (sp?), current nominee James Holsinger, the Creation Museum, Sen. Sam Brownback’s raising his hand stating he doesn’t believe in evolution.

And what debate on “reparative therapy” would be complete without a quote from Alan Chambers:

“I had hoped for more diversity on that panel,” Chambers said. “I see a lot of people who represent the other side – who don’t believe that people like me have a right to self-determination.”

“Self determination”?  Is he serious?  So you can have self determination as long as it comports with what your God says you should be?  Oxymoron anyone?

Anyway, just sharing for those who read this.  Perhaps the story will be available on other news outlets soon as well.




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