Open letter to fellow bloggers and writers: 

As some bloggers have expressed, the subject of Michael Glatze is starting to get old. He's becoming somewhat of the “Paris Hilton” of the gay community news lately. It was good kooky fun while it lasted, but let's get serious…..

Come on now – read up on the guy, and tell me with a straight face that Michael Glatze is not mental. Common sense will tell you this: nobody is openly gay like Glatze was for well over a decade, then suddenly turns “heterosexual”. Impossible. He might be celibate, like fellow new “ex gay” fame whore Charlene Cothran, but he's no coochie-chasing straight guy, I'll tell you that.

What this whole Glatze thing is, is Glatze is just a pissed-off and not-so-stable queen, and something went wrong in his life, and now he's blaming it on his sexual orientation. “Big Ex Gay” is taking advantage of Glatze, and is using him against the gay community. Since he's a few fries short of a fucking Happy Meal, Glatze has no problem attacking the gay community – he's getting paid well for it.

Isn't it peculiar how both Cothran and Glatze are both former GLBT magazine owners, and both of these publications were poor sellers and at least one if not both went belly-up?

World Nut Daily promises “more ex gays will be coming out soon”, so if any of these people (if any at all) are failed GLBT business owners, you know something is up.

But I've had enough of Glatze already. The more blogs talk about him, the longer he's going to stay around. I ask the GLBT community to put his career as an “ex gay” to an early end. Instead of building him up, eliminate him from discussion and quickly break him down. You don't have to go back and delete your older posts, since that's always a hassle – but take the “Eliminate Michael Glatze” pledge, and watch him disappear, slowly but surely.

And if my suspicions are correct, Glatze will be hauled off soon anyway – in a straight jacket. And that's about as “straight” as that queen is EVER going to get. 

If you'd like to take part in the pledge, take this photo, and spread the word on your blog. Put Michael Glatze out of business…..once again!






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