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Scraping the bottom of the barrel: Hartline on O'Reilly tonight

O’Reilly will have on James Hartline, the marginally sane “ex-gay” evangelist and council seat candidate, to discuss the perversions of San Diego Pride.

Bill O’Reilly Investigates the San Diego Gay Pride Organization

Our longtime efforts to expose the pornographic San Diego Gay Pride organization are beginning to pay big dividends. The Lord says to His servants that when we stay the course and remain faithful to the assignments that He has given us, God will reward us.

Tonight at 5pm (pst), Bill O’Reilly will be hosting Sandy Rios of the Culture Campaign to talk about the pornographic history of the San Diego Gay Pride organization and their role in the San Diego Padres Gay Pride event at Petco Park on July 8, 2007.

I hope he discusses how he is “confronting the powers of darkness” in San Diego, particularly the “homosexual stronghold” of Hillcrest, where he trolls to “save” gays from their deviant ways.


An update on Hartline’s recent protest with another fundie group against a San Diego Padres “Pride Night” game is after the flip.Read and weep (h/t Kevin):

As boycotts go, yesterday’s protest at Petco Park flopped — like the hats.

Objecting to the confluence of two promotions at last night’s Padres game — “Pride Night,” a group event for local gays and lesbians, and a team giveaway of floppy hats to children 14 and younger — several Christian and conservative groups called for a public protest and boycott of the game.

Roughly 75 protesters showed up outside Petco Park’s front gate dressed in red T-shirts emblazoned with the message “Save Our Kids.” They handed out fliers. A few attempted to talk with Padre fans as they arrived for the 5:05 p.m. game that was nationally televised on ESPN.

We’re here to inform parents, to warn them about what’s happening inside (the ballpark),” said James Hartline, a self-described Christian activist who directed the protest. “ringing together homosexuals with baseball and kids is beyond bounds. We’re trying to get people to turn around, not go to the game, and we’re succeeding.”

If so, it wasn’t readily apparent. Official attendance for the game was 41,026, just short of a capacity crowd for the 42,685-seat ballpark.

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