angela.jpgAngry Black Bitch said it on Monday:

I am a dangerous woman.

I have in my possession a dangerous weapon.

In fact, Governor Blunt finds this weapon so dangerous that he has signed legislation to keep it out of the public domain (gasp).

Oh yes, I am a dangerous woman.

And yes…I have in my possession a powerful weapon.

I have knowledge.

I have an agile mind and the ability to gain additional knowledge.

I have a voice and the ability to share what I know with others.

That, my sisters and brothers, is dangerous as hell.

Just ask Governor Blunt who signed HB 1055 into law!

That would be rabidly conservative Gov. Matt Blunt of Missouri, son of the rabidly conservative US House Majority Whip, Roy Blunt. Matt’s in a bit of a spot, having said some nasty things about the Missouri pro-life folks back in 2005 for which they still haven’t forgiven him, and so he’s trying to make nice. Even held the signing ceremony for HB 1055 in a Baptist church.

Not a good move, Governor.

As ABB put it, after describing the details of the bill:

Pause…collect thyself…continue.

But HB 1055 is not a victory for the anti-choice movement.


Because it pissed off this dangerous-as-hell-because-I-know-shit angry black bitch.

And that was not wise.

She’s committed herself in five specific ways to subverting this law (click through for five-fold response). It’s a work in progress, and it’s a doozy. Since Monday, ABB’s had a couple more days to put that dangerously agile mind to use, and work on more of the details. Meanwhile, a couple of trolls asked her why she would “dare try to impose [her] values on others.”

Not a good move, trolls. Here’s part of her reply to the question “why?”:

This bitch gives a shit about HB 1055 because of the after that always follows.

I give a shit because I am an activist in my community who has seen what Matt Blunt would have to visit the ‘hood to see (but Lawd knows he prefers to meet his black people photo op quota in more tranquil suburban settings).

I am haunted by women who found out about reproductive options after they became pregnant…who found out about stds after they tested positive…who found out about their worth after they were exploited.

This bitch is there for the after that always follows legislation like HB 1055.

I’m at the shelter you will not fund that is filled to capacity with young mothers in search of the housing you will not approve.

I hold the babies you lost interest in the moment they were born.

I comfort the mothers…the women…my sisters who you will not mentor, volunteer to teach or employ.

So you can bet your ignorant trollified ass I’m going to teach the classes you have attempted to ban through HB 1055.


So thanks Matt, because I woke up this morning fired the hell up.

Don’t get me wrong, I still intend to support efforts to undo this legislative fuck up. I will continue to support rational politicians who legislate on behalf of their constituents rather than pander to the extremists who have hijacked power from the masses here in Missouri.

But I am a citizen activist…I answer to no budget…and my resistance starts now.

Which should come as no surprise, since I am a dangerous woman (wink).

I believe we have more than a few dangerous women around here, as well as some dangerous men. Any citizen activists who want to show ABB some love can do it here in the comments, do it at her blog, do it in person in St. Louis (watch her blog for details), and most definitely do it in the school or women’s shelter or women’s health clinic or Planned Parenthood outlet near you.

(Photo of Angela Davis is one of ABB’s favorites.)



I'm an ordained Lutheran pastor with a passion for language, progressive politics, and the intersection of people's inner sets of ideals and beliefs (aka "faith" to many) and their political actions. I mostly comment around here, but offer a weekly post or two as well. With the role that conservative Christianity plays in the current Republican politics, I believe that progressives ignore the dynamics of religion, religious language, and religiously-inspired actions at our own peril. I am also incensed at what the TheoCons have done to the public impression of Christianity, and don't want their twisted version of it to go unchallenged in the wider world. I'm a midwesterner, now living in the Kansas City area, but also spent ten years living in the SF Bay area. I'm married to a wonderful microbiologist (she's wonderful all the way around, not just at science) and have a great little Kid, for whom I am the primary caretaker these days. I love the discussions around here, especially the combination of humor and seriousness that lets us take on incredibly tough stuff while keeping it all in perspective and treating one another with respect.

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