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Stick A Fork In Him, He’s Done

mccain0508.jpgCan’t stop the hemorrhaging:

Following the news that he ended June with just $2 million in the bank, McCain instituted widespread layoffs in both his national staff and key early states like Iowa and New Hampshire. At the time, his campaign insisted that the senior staff remained largely in tact and that the campaign would continue.

But, any realistic assessment revealed that McCain’s chances at the nomination had dipped badly over the first six months of the year and that he would now have to depend on a stronger than expected showing in the Iowa caucuses — a state he spurned in his 2000 presidential bid — to have any chance at the nomination.

Privately, strategists for rival campaigns note that focus groups and internal polling shows that McCain is well-known by likely Iowa Republican caucus voters but not at all well-liked — a troublesome position for any politician. Public polling has also shown McCain slipping in Iowa.

Can we have another chorus by the beltway bores about what a loyal guy George Bush is as we ponder how McCain sucked it up and helped George Bush into position to steal the 2000 election?

Nah. I think that’s Karl Rove I hear in the distance, whistling “It’s Giuliani Time.”

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Jane Hamsher

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