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No More $$ to Shred our Constitution

Now that I’m in DC, I’m thinking maybe I’ll just stay here until the impeachment. Because things are getting fun. As in, no more taxpayer dollars to help Cheney shred our Constitution.

Senate Democrats movedTuesday to cut off funding for Vice President Dick Cheney’s office in acontinuing battle over whether he must comply with national securitydisclosure rules.

A Senateappropriations panel chaired by Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., refused tofund $4.8 million in the vice president’s budget until Cheney’s officecomplies with parts of an executive order governing its handling ofclassified information.

At issueis a requirement that executive branch offices provide data on how muchmaterial they classify and declassify. That information is to beprovided to the Information Security Oversight Office at The NationalArchives.

Tomorrow at 10 Sara Taylor will say, over and over, "I can’t reveal that," because it is protected by Executive Privilege (not sure I can make this hearing–we shall see). Then at noon, it’s time for Victor Rita’s lawyer to explain about how SCOTUS thinks 33 months for perjury is reasonable. And then the following day, it’s Miers’ turn to repeat, "I can’t reveal that," over and over again.

And all the while Cheney will be wondering how he can fund his ongoing plan to shred our Constitution.

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