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Kentucky Gov denied legislative special session to ban partner benefits

The hateful governor of the Bluegrass State, Ernie Fletcher, called for a special session of the legislature to ban domestic partner insurance at state run colleges and public agencies.

The lawmakers decided they had better things to do than legislate bigotry. (365gay):

They said the special session would be too expensive, and debate on both measures could wait until the Legislature reconvenes in January.

House Speaker Jody Richards said that the governor could not compel them to return.

The Senate briefly returned, but without approval from the House neither piece of legislation can be passed.

…The bill was prepared after the University of Louisville decided in July to offer the benefits – making it the first publicly funded college in the state to do so. The University of Kentucky later followed also offering health benefits to same-sex domestic partners.

Last month Attorney General Greg Stumbo issued a legal opinion that the university plans would violate the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

House Dems accused Fletcher of trying to score cheap political points because he is up for re-election this fall.

Apparently the sanctity of marriage is directly tied to health care benefits. Did I miss that passage in the bible?

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