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“How about cutting the funding for war?”

Last weekend on my radio show I told my listeners I wanted to hear one word, over and over: IMPEACH.  I wanted so many IMPEACH yard signs that someone will think Irving M. Peach is running for county commissioner.  I wanted representatives’ voice mail flooded with one word messages: IMPEACH.  I wanted their fax machine run out of paper, with piles of IMPEACH faxes littering the floor.  I wanted IMPEACH on bumper stickers, buttons, hats, and ad hoc signage on freeway overpasses.  Most of all, I wanted citizens to chant IMPEACH at any appearance by any Democrat at any public event.

Looks like it’s starting to sink in (because, of course, it’s all about me, and no one else could’ve thought of doing this on their own… ha!)

SAN FRANCISCO?It should have been a festive occasion for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but the ribbon-cutting of a new federal building turned into a skirmish with anti-war protesters.

About a dozen people chanted “Impeach now!” as Pelosi spoke at the dedication of the $144 million, 18-story landmark office complex, which boasts cutting-edge energy efficiency features. The demonstrators also unfurled a large “impeach” banner that directly faced Pelosi and other speakers.

As Pelosi and other dignitaries prepared to snip the ceremonial ribbon, a heckler shouted: “How about cutting the funding for war?”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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