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A World Full Of Dubyas

two.jpgBecause I couldn’t let Froomkin have the scariest headline of the day.

And speaking of The All-Seeing One, he offers his usual excellent roundup and skepticism on the President’s new “I totally want to get us out of Iraq” messaging strategy. In case you missed it:

President Bush, facing a growing Republican revolt against his Iraq policy, has rejected calls to change course but will launch a campaign emphasizing his intent to draw down U.S. forces next year and move toward a more limited mission if security conditions improve, senior officials said yesterday.

Well, that’s just fantastic. Dubya wants to pull us out of the misbegotten unwinnable war… just as soon as we start winning. Brilliant!

Can you imagine if everyone was like Dubya? Fire engines wouldn’t show up until the fire started burning itself out, SWAT teams wouldn’t show up until the bank robbers started releasing hostages… and Al Gore would recommend that we wait for the climate to start cooling before taking action on emissions.

But Karl Rove is backing up Bush’s illogic, saying that he doesn’t expect Iraq to be an issue in 2008, because, y’know, we’ll have started withdrawing by then. Riiiight. First of all, as Eugene Robinson says,

I don’t see how anyone can realistically expect Bush to change course at this late date. It wouldn’t be ‘resolute,’ in his understanding of the word, to acknowledge that he made a terrible mistake. What he can do instead is play for time and hope for some sort of deus ex machina that miraculously saves the day.

Second of all, even if we really are withdrawing by election time, I don’t see how that makes anyone magically forget almost six years of brutality and pointless hell. Perhaps the real plan is to ensure that the withdrawal is a complete disaster (Bushiness as usual should be sufficient to ensure that) and then blame the carnage on those wimpy Surrendercrats.

I did have one other thought, though. Maybe this really isn’t a transparent political ploy on Dubya’s part. Maybe he’s just one of those very bad gamblers who promises himself he’ll quit just as soon as he wins a hand:

In November 1992, Bush and Betts were in Santa Fe to host a dinner party, but they had just enough time for one set of doubles…. “There was only one problem—my side won the first set,” recalls Betts. “O.K., then we’re going two out of three,” Bush decreed. Bush’s side takes the next set. But Betts’s side is winning the third set when it starts to snow…. But Bush won’t let anybody quit. “He’s pissed. George runs his mouth constantly…. He’s making fun of your last shot, mocking you, needling you, goading you—he never shuts up!” They continued to play tennis through a driving snowstorm.

Remind you of anything? Well, except for the part about Dubya winning a set…

(Picture courtesy of LOL President – if you like I Can Has Cheezburger, you’ll love LOL President.)

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