Things are going… kaboom, pa-chow!! pa-chow!! budda-budda-budda !!! oh Sweet Jesus I’m hit!… quite well

Joe Lieberman today:

“You know, Harry Reid said a while ago that the war in Iraq is lost. It’s wrong. It’s not lost. In fact, I would say we’re beginning to win it. We’ve turned the tide with the new strategy. And in fact, I cannot conceive of a circumstance in which American forces would —-

Wait a minute. Incoming!

Three people, including one U.S. service member, were killed Tuesday in a barrage of up to 35 mortars fired into the Green Zone in Baghdad, U.S. military and State Department officials said.

A U.S. Embassy statement reported a U.S. military member, an Iraqi citizen and a third person of unknown nationality were killed.

In addition, it said, 18 people were wounded in the attack, including five U.S. citizens — two service members and three contract employees.

The heavily fortified Green Zone is the seat of U.S. power in Iraq. It is not clear how many mortars fell, but reports said between 20 and 35.

Sorry. Carry on, Joe:

–lose the war in Iraq, on the ground in Iraq. If we lose it, it’s gonna be lost here at home, in a different kind of war for public opinion and political support.”

(Cue polite neocon golf claps)

(Fade to black)

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