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Catching up on all the email. Lots of links to click…

* Ex-gay showdown: Wayne Besen is going on CNN tonight at 8PM to take on the former editor of YGA Magazine, Michael Glatze and Charlene Cothran, publisher of Venus Magazine. Both claim to have “come out of homosexuality” by praying away the gay.

* I’m going to YearlyKos Chicago in August (2-5). I’ll be on a panel, “Holding Congress Accountable for a Progressive Agenda.” One of the still-unresolved issues is getting more diversity at the Con. One of the major criticisms last year in Las Vegas (I wasn’t there) was that it was a very pale crowd there, and not a lot of regional diversity. This year is no exception — the diversity outreach was late and inadequate and thus attaining better representation is going to be challenging. Long-time Kossack Paul Delehanty (a.k.a. Kid Oakland) has been trying mightily, through a campaign over the weekend — “The Last Mile” — to raise funds to provide small bridge grants (free registration) to low income bloggers from diverse regions (particularly Red States) and traditionally under-represented ethnic/racial communities at these kinds of events. If you fall into this category, contact Kid Oakland directly ASAP: Maybe I’ll see you at YK!

* Today is the official re-launch of Bilerico as The Bilerico Project, which will focus on LGBTQ culture, politics and conversation. Bilerico Project founder and managing editor Bil Browning has built up a roster of contributors (including yours truly — there is no escape, is there?). If you surf over, from time to time you will see posts by HRC’s Joe Solmonese, NGLTF’s Matt Foreman and National Center for Transgender Equality executive director Mara Keisling, author and activist Candace Gingrich, blogger Lane Hudson, author Patricia Nell Warren, author and activist Reverend Robert Goss, noted political science professor Ellen Andersen and journalist Karen Ocamb.

* Friend of the Blend and fellow Tar Heel blogger Bora/Coturnix landed an exclusive interview with presidential candidate John Edwards; they discuss science-related topics, as that is Bora’s specialty. Climate change, the anti-science bent of the current administration, NASA’s role, are all touched upon.

* Catch Deb Price’s column on American attitudes toward marriage.

* You must surf over to Clay Cane: “So many men, so little time?hip-hop is a hot bed of uber-masculinity, however?just beneath the greased-up bodies, not too far below the pants sagging from a half-exposed ass, extremely close to the videos filled with sweaty, growling men?there are many homo moments in hip-hop…”

* Matt Stoller and Chris Bowers recently flew the coop at MyDD; they have launched the progressive politics blog Open Left. Take it for a whirl.

* I’m quoted in the Washington Blade in an article by Rebecca Armendariz: “Gay activists try their hand at blogging.”

* More bizarre Gospel of Greed Prosperity.

* Matt Hill Comer has a new web project, IQN at http://network.inter… a news portal that has an affiliate program and offers free webhosting for LGBTQI-oriented websites/organizations. Learn more here.

* Servicemembers Legal Defense Network has added Victor Maldonado and Jason Knight to its communications team.

* The winner of this award will obviously be a target for the foaming-at-the-mouth professional homophobes:

The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) and Wells Fargo & Company today announced the third annual NGLCC/Wells Fargo LGBT Business Owner of the Year Award, recognizing a small business owner for his/her entrepreneurial spirit and personal service to the community. In addition to a cash grant of $5,000, the recipient will be recognized at the 2007 NGLCC National Dinner, An Evening of Courage, on November 2nd at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.

* Yawn. I see Pastor Billy Ball stopped by today to share the love again:

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