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Things That’ll Make You Weep

crybaby johnShorter Byron York: Conservates are finished with George Bush, not because he trampled the Constitution, expanded executive power at the expense of individuals and the Bill of Rights, lied to the country, waged unnecessary wars, caused thousands of US soldiers’ deaths (foreigners don’t count), destroyed America’s prestige and influence, allowed his VP to run amok, etc., but because he didn’t veto enough spending bills and is suspected of liking Mexicans. The rest of that stuff was okay, so vote Republican.

He also agrees with Frank Rich’ “A Profile in Cowardice,” (Tiimes Select) that conservatives hate Bush because he’s a wienie who wouldn’t stop the Libby prosecution from the start, . . . because their guys should never be prosecuted, especially for patriotic stuff such as helping purge the CIA of truth tellers and starting wars.

Michael Isikoff earns emptywheel’s praise scorn for his skills. File under: fed to the Lioness.

Mr. compassionate conservatism blows it off has a face.

Worst day ever in Iraq? Madness, just madness, just became Mad Max.

If you can’t meet the benchmarks, change them so it still looks like progress. How soon before another WSJ op-ed from Lieberman, McCain, or Lindsey?

Michael Moore makes the industry cry; then he made Digby cry (second half of review), but in a good way. And N=1 gives us reason to cheer.

Glenn catches NYT and Michael Gordon doing it again. But don’t worry, it’s only Iran this time.

David Broder used to care about his country. Wonder what happened?

Don’t believe that global warming stuff; Tucker Carlson show has the truth.

Evangelicals agonize over how much sin to tolerate to avoid a Democratic President.

George Stephanopoulus is suprised anyone mentions impeachment, since only 54% want to impeach Cheney, while 46% are ready to fire Bush. It never ceases to amaze me that the talking heads don’t realize the country is royally fed up with this regime.

White House, fearing influence of Firedoglake [/snarkoff], leaks plans to pretend Iraq withdrawal to NYT.

Photo of this year’s July 4th, from the Potomac

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