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Sara Taylor to Testify?

02taylor.jpgIf subpoena power means anything and it’s not just meaningless window dressing like every other law the Bush crime family decides to flout, eventually somebody is going to have to go to jail for defying it. Josh Marshall is begging for it to be Sara Taylor. According to Alex Koppelman at Salon, Taylor is going to appear on Wednesday:

We just got off the phone with Tracy Schmaler, a spokesperson for the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Democratic majority. Schmaler told us it is her understanding that — despite President Bush’s invocation of executive privilege in regards to the testimony of former White House staffers Sara Taylor and Harriet Miers about the ongoing U.S. Attorneys scandal — Taylor will still appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

Schmaler says she learned that from Taylor’s lawyer, W. Neil Eggleston, earlier Monday afternoon. When called for confirmation by Salon, Eggleston was unavailable. He has not yet returned a message left seeking comment.

This despite the fact that Bush’s language to Taylor was rather unequivocal:

“I respectfully request that you inform Ms. Taylor that the president has directed her not to provide this testimony,” Fielding wrote in a letter Monday to Neil Eggleston, her lawyer. Eggleston did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Will Taylor cite executive privilege? And if so, will the Senate hold her in contempt and cart her off to jail? Wednesday should be an interesting day with Conyers holding hearings into the Libby pardon and Taylor appearing before the Judiciary Committee. Marcy and I will be in DC and along with Christy we will do our best to live blog all of it.

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