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I’m back in NC, albeit with a horrid bug; I’m running a fever and hacking up a lung. I hate summer colds. [Apologies in advance for the lack of posts today; I may get a This and That up later, since my inbox is full.]

Kate and I drove back from Warrenton, Virginia this AM and thankfully missed the traffic. We did see at least 5 cars pulled over for speeding in Virginia, which recently boosted fines for lead feet to $3000+ and points on your license.

My birthday was on Sunday (thanks for the kind wishes everyone!), and to celebrate Kate and a few relatives/friends and I took the (unbearably hot) Metro into DC to see the  Shakespeare Theatre Company’s production of Hamlet starring Jeffrey Carlson. We had a great time. It was an interesting, diverse cast; great sets. The cast  delivered the play traditionally, though all in contemporary dress.

You might know Carlson; he’s the actor who played the transgender character Zoe on All My Children. We caught Jeffrey Carlson by chance as he was leaving the theatre. He was signing programs and chatting with fans. I went up and shook his hand and took some shots with my cameraphone. Here’s one:

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